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My Home Cleaning Services Sdn. Bhd. operates with minimum impact on the environment by exercising prudent usage of cleaning chemicals with careful and proper disposal to sustain the health and safety of everyone.

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Environmental, Health & Safety Policy Statements

Environmental, Health & Safety Policy Statements

As such, we are strongly committed to:

  • Meet and exceed the authorities’ rules and regulations, bye-laws and our valued business partners’ requirements.
  • Hold and maintain the integration of Environmental, Health and Safety aspect of operation into the organization with undivided focus and responsibility.
  • Cultivate every available resource necessary to eliminate, reduce and prevent all significant forms of pollution, waste and accidents from the establishment.
  • Regular skill trainings to our staff in regards to Environment, Health & Safety matters to ensure competency in line with their respective job functions.
  • Enhance excellent quality into the management of Environment, Health & Safety system in all our works and services toward continuous improvement in all areas of performance.

Staff Training at My Home Cleaning Services Sdn. Bhd.


Our employees are one of our greatest assets.

All of our cleaner staff are well trained, to ensure their working performance and deliver their best quality service to you.

By maintaining a challenging and rewarding working environment, we motivate employees to continue achieving their highest potential.

We acknowledge that training is the paramount to success and the best approach for cost effectiveness to quality culture. Therefore, we comprehend that success starts with knowledge and employees are the back bone of a Company.

At My Home Cleaning Services Sdn.Bhd, we encourage each and every one of our staff to develop their full potential through the opportunities provided by us in the form of regular meetings and training.

Standard Working Procedures To Ensure Service Quality

All cleaning works are carry out following a standard, well planned procedure.

Our cleaning teams work in a planned manner, following a checklist, to make sure no spot is missed throughout the cleaning process.

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